About Benjamin Clark

Photography is something that has grown on me through every picture I have taken. The first time I remember going out of my way to get a good shot was on a cruise in the bahamas with my high school choir. We were busy every night at sunset, so I made the effort to get up in time to capture the sun rising (a sight that I had only seen once or twice in my life to that point). The shot turned out beautiful and is one of the best memories I have of the whole trip.

Since then, my skills and knowledge about photography have grown. Though I’ve never taken a full blown class about photography, I’ve spent countless hours studying the technical side of things through books. Besides, I believe that the art is learned through experience.

I first became interested in wedding photography after seeing my own wedding pictures taken by Jeremy Lawson.  His photojournalist style told the story of our day so well that I decided I wanted to try to do the same thing for others.  I immediately started saving for a newer, better camera (which ended up being a Canon 20d) and studying different techniques for wedding photography.

Today I find great enjoyment in my photography as each new shot brings a new experience.